Dear friends, as you already know as Christians who have been given the word of God to operate with and live by, we are still constantly being bombarded by words, ideas and traditions from all around us. It is life saving to focus on word of God and use it as a filter to view the world and to filter what is not of God. Often we hear people saying to us, “the flu season is on, have you finished your turn catching it this time ?”. If we are not careful and do not take note of that when flu does make its way to our colleague sitting next to us for example and we are beginning to show early symptoms of it, we will end up having it. The sad part would be that we agreed to that suggestion whereas God’s intention of divine health for us is quite clear. Why would Jesus go through all those stripes ? Was it so that we would be susceptible to the flu and finish our round of having it? This was a simple example.

The same question can be asked about word curses people deliberately direct towards us. We cannot feel overpowered by it as though we cannot do anything about it. Sometimes these word curses come against us as though they are God’s word. Words can be spoken against your destinies, children, marriage, parents, work , ministries, how much progress we would make in our lives. If we do not have the word of God hidden in our hearts and a lively ongoing and deep fellowship with Holy Spirit we will surely succumb to those word curses by either knowing something doesn’t fit right and not knowing what to do about it or ever worse thinking they are from God. It is never God’s will to bring us down. It is never God’s will to break us using sickness or disease.

The moment you recognize these word curses you have to take authority over them and completely disassociate yourself with them and break any agreement with them. Watch this short video by Ryan LeStrange who teaches us how we can break any word curse.

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