Dear friends, there are so many precious keys in the word of God to live in prosperity in all areas of our lives since that is what our Father in Heaven desires for us. How can a God who made every living creature to increase , progress and advance not want the same for our lives ? Now how that looks like in terms of finances can only be understood in the light of His word. There are some foundational and fundamental aspects we have to understand as children of God :

1) God is the owner of all things. We do not own anything. It all belongs to Him. Even our lives belong to Him.

2) We are stewards of what belongs to Him. Yes you are a steward of your own life. You are a steward of your husband or wife in the sense that you make sure whatever you do in their life is only causing increase in their life according to God. Even your own children are not your own. They have been given to you by your Father who is their Father first of all. So know this aspect and be free of any bondage you have been in by thinking you own or possess anything in whatever form or measure. Thank God that He owns and possesses all things. Imagine if things were left only upto you alone ! Isn’t it such a relief when you think that way ? đŸ™‚

3) Every decision we make is primarily a spiritual decision as we are spirit beings. Yes even the food we eat is a spiritual decision. So choose wisely.

4)God will test you before He entrusts you with something greater. How else can we see for ourselves if we can handle what He is about to give into our hands? How else can He mature us so that we advance in deeper dimensions of our walk in Him ?

These are some keys aspects that you ought to understand in order to see financial aspect well. Listen to Brother Jonathan David who is equipping the Body of Christ with this powerful message. Be blessed to bless others!

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