God knows what He has put in us. He knows how our story is going to go when we follow Him. You can devalue and give up on yourself but He won’t as He knows He is in you. Be lifted up! ENjoy this song as a reminder of His faithfulness:
When the shadow won’t leave when the battle won’t stop
And every breath that you breathe takes all that you’ve got
When you wonder if you’re always gonna feel this way
Hear the Lord of heaven say “I will hold you when you’re breaking like a father and a friend and I will carry you through darkness ‘Til we see the sun again so rest your head and cry your tears know that I am with you here when you can’t lift that weight believe me when I say I will I know you’re feeling overwhelmed before the day even begins but I can see beyond the now this is not how your story ends and when you’re at your weakest oh I’ve never been more strong so let me be the one you’re leaning on I will dry your eyes I will calm your fears I will show you how you’re beautiful beautiful I will walk with you on the raging sea and I will never leave when there’s a door that you can’t open when there’s a war that you can’t win I will I will I will?”

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