Do you see strife, envy and divisions in churches you know? Yup that’s not the indication of spiritual maturity. Do you see them in you ?

This news is not an easy one to swallow but word of the Lord even if it comes as a hammer aims to produce life in us. So please do not run away from the word of God. Truth is something you need to get just as the Lord commands in proverbs: buy truth , get understanding.

We as the body of Christ have missed it for so long and not many sons of God have realized what walking in maturity means. Its about living in the fullness of God. You know what really is maturity: walking in the love of God is the picture of walking in God’s fullness. No wonder Paul spoke of love being the most excellent way! Check out this sermon by brother Tom Scarrella to know what the Spirit of the Lord is saying to the churches about son ship and living in the fullness of God.

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