Sense Knowledge Truth vs. Revelation Truth


In one of my prayer lines once, one woman said that she wasn’t going to believe she had something her physical senses told her she didn’t have. I told her just to go sit down then because according to the Scriptures, she would never get anything from God believing the way she did. Believe God and not Satan. Satan will tell you that you don’t have the answer to your prayer. Satan operates in the sense realm. Satan is operating as the god of this world (2 Cor. 4:4). You’ll never get anywhere spiritually until you realize that there are two kinds of truth, sense-knowledge truth and revelation truth, which is the truth of God’s Word.

Some people think truth pertains to things they can see with their physical eye, but you can’t see the things of the spirit. Spiritual things are not natural and they are not material. Everything we need is provided for us in the spiritual realm by God’s Word.

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