Fight the Good Fight of Faith


It takes a little time sometimes to build the Word into your spirit so you can stand in faith for an answer to prayer. The Bible says, “Fight the good fight of faith …” (1 Tim. 6:12). If there weren’t any hindrances to faith, there wouldn’t be a fight. When it comes to the natural things, people will fight tooth and toenail for what belongs to them. But when it comes to spiritual things, many times they just roll over and play dead! For instance, if someone came to your house and claimed your children and your home, you’d fight him for your family – for what belongs to you. Or what if your husband came home and said he had found another woman and he wanted to bring her into your house and move you out? You would sure put up a fight, wouldn’t you?

Well, if God’s Word says something belongs to you, then it belongs to you! So put up a fight by standing your ground on God’s Word. If God didn’t intend for you to have what He promised you, then He wouldn’t have promised it to you. It’s up to you to fight the good fight of faith with the Word and receive your promised blessing and all that God has promised you. When it comes to natural things, people will stand up for what belongs to them. But when it comes to spiritual things and receiving healing or the blessings and benefits of God that belong to us, many believers don’t stand their ground with the Word of God. Some think they are being humble by saying, “Well, the will of God be done,” when really it is the will of Satan that is being done. You see, there is a good fight of faith that the believer must fight in order to appropriate and receive his promised blessing, his rightful inheritance in Christ.

In order to fight the good fight of faith, you must learn how to use the sword of the Spirit, which is the Word of God. Fighting the good fight of faith is speaking the Word out of your mouth that you believe in your heart or your spirit. That’s why it’s important to hide the Word of God in your heart and be ready to use scriptures against demons when they try to attack you and try to make you doubt God’s Word. Be ready to say to Satan, “It is written” and to quote God’s Word, which is God’s will, about the situation. There will be many who will side in with the devil and believe his lies over God’s Word. And there are also folks who, in the natural, will unconsciously side in with the devil to try to discourage you in spiritual things, in your faith. But stand your ground on God’s Word if the enemy attacks you in spirit, soul, or body.

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