Here are some facts about the creation story in the Bible. If you are reading this post, the I guess you have heard of Adam and Eve. It is a famous Bible story everyone knows.
In this article you will learn a bit more about man and woman in creation as stated in Genesis
1. Both male and female were created in God’s image. The Bible is clear on that. It states that man was created in the image of God. Most of the time when the Bible refers to man, it means both man and woman.. The Bible says, “In the image of God created He them.” Talking about both male and female in the image of God.
2. The Bible say man was created first. I dont know why God did that but then we will find out in heaven. Scripture indicates that He let Adam wander around for a while doing his duties so he’d recognize that something was missing in his life. In fact, woman was not created immediately afterwards. God let Adam be lonely for a while and then he said, “Something’s missing!”
3. Women were created to be a companion to man and to be his helper in responsibilities assigned by God. Distinctive roles were assigned to men and women before the fall, before sin, before anything like that.
4. God created women from the man. That’s where the name comes. “Woman” means “out of man”. It’s interesting that the word “woman” in Hebrew, when Adam looked at Eve for the first time and saw her, the word literally in Hebrew means, “This is it!” Woman literally means,
“This is it!” Why didn’t God choose to create woman independently? Why did He take a rib out of Adam? I think He wanted both to recognize their dependence upon each other. I think that’s really the reason why. God created woman from the man.
5. God’s plan for men and women is to get married. He wants to bring men and women together for marriage. Obviously. There wouldn’t be any babies if He hadn’t thought up this idea of families. What about singles? God has a plan for them too. In fact, Jesus said there are three
appropriate reasons for remaining single.
(C)Rick Warren

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