Leaning on the savior; Jesus Christ, that is the only support for any Christian. “”One of them, the disciple whom Jesus loved, was reclining next to him”” (John 13: 23 KJV). The disciple was leaning on Jesus. What a scene that I can imagine! Imagine if you were in a party that you were invited to by Jesus; could you dare to lean on him? Knowing that He is GOD? Yes you can, only if you know that Jesus loves you. Leaning on the savior is such an amazing experience not just in a party time; but also in our sorrows.
Where does our support come from? Where do we look for support in times of need? We as Christians have only one thing left for us to do at anytime; that is to lean on the savior. Many of us lean on people in higher ranking positions in organizations, government, companies and more. When we have to get our children a good school; we lean on someone to recommend our child for the school. When we have to find ourselves a job, we rather ask other people rather than God. When we are in trouble and need a counselor, we lean on someone to help us. When we are in need of money, etc, etc, we lean on people. How many of us make Jesus our savior the first person to lean on for anything? But we should have him as the first place to look for support. For true Christians, that is the only place, because they know that their Savior loves them and when they lean on Him, He helps them out; they do not need another person, ever!
“Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you” (1 peter 5: 7). Worried about your problems, has no one to care for you? Well the Bible says there is someone who is the Savior. Think about Job, are your problems more than Job? He was a rich man, a good man, had many children, and had flocks of animals and many servants. And when he lose them all for no reason, the only thing he did was to lean on his Savior, which is his GOD. How trustworthy should you be to say “GOD gave it all, and he took it all back; who am I to dare?” He did it because He loved GOD and therefore He knew that GOD loved him back. Neither Job nor anyone at his time was promised of a promise that we are. The promise is that we are to inherit a new world and to rule with him. The promise is to be priests and kings in front of GOD.
My fellow Christians, it is time to see who we really are. Would a father mind his child leaning on his shoulder? In fact I will only want my child to be leaning on me all the time; what else would make me happy? What else will make our father happier than us leaning on the savior for everything?

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