When it comes to evangelism, there are so many views from the church. People have all sorts of perception about it. Some churches have evangelism teams who are to share the gospel with others. In my opinion, I really do think it makes the rest a bit lazy.

If people can be properly motivated and maintain a positive perspective, they will do whatever they can in this enterprise we call evangelism both now and in the future. Developing the ability to teach comes only with time, study, and training, which is far beyond the scope of any one course in evangelism.

When I say within, I don’t mean the literal you. The Bible tells us that God lives in us. So when you look within yourself, you should see God and not your carnal self. The most effective method of evangelism is one where the verbalization of the gospel is preceded by the incarnation of the gospel.

If you are not motivated to evangelize, you won’t do it. Motivation is like steam. If motivated and properly channeled, great things can be done in the area ofevangelism. Unfortunately, many people, despite all of the spiritual education they have received on the subject of evangelism, still do very little with what they know.

The main reason? Lack of proper motivation.

What should be our motivation in evangelism?

I believe the first thing that should be a motivating factor is because Jesus told us to do. He said as you go, preach the gospel to every creature. The field is ripe but the laborers are few. If Jesus tells you to do something, it already means He has equipped us to do it. Be motivated because He told you to do it.

Compassion for lost souls.

Jesus was moved with compassion when He saw the mass of lost souls. Remember where you came from? Just see what is happening to people who don’t know God. Do you not see that they really need God? Be moved by compassion to evangelize.

Sense of purpose should motivate us

Jesus said My will is to do the will of the one who sent me The Fathers love. For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten Son that whosoever believed in His should not perish. God doesn’t want people to perish. He wants everyone to know Him. We all have a part to play. It is not only the pastor or the evangelism team. You are a part of it.  Let it be known on facebook, twitter, stumbleupon, pinterest. All these networks give you the possibility to share the gospel

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