It’s easy to be tempted to go through life competing with everyone around us. It is some we grow up with. Our educational system is always grading us based on how we perform. Competition is every where and everyone wants to become the Number One.

When we see someone who’s more talented, better looking or has more gifts, instead of running our race and being comfortable with who we are, oftentimes we feel inferior and think, “I’ve got to catch up to them.” But that is not how God made us to live. He wants us to cherish our uniqueness. Scientist have even discovered that there are no two people on earth. This means that out of the billions of people we have on this earth, we cannot find two people who are the same. Even twins have a difference. Our difference should be celebrated and never to looked down upon.

The problem with this unhealthy competition is that it’s a never-ending cycle. There will always be someone ahead of us. But, it’s a very freeing thing when you realize, “you are not competing with anyone. When we take our mind off this form of competition we are able to appreciate life in its fullness. God did not create us to compete but He created us to represent Him on earth. He made us kings and co-heirs of His Kingdom. That is who we are.

Instead of trying to become like another person, you have to do your best in the best possible way. Be who you are in Gods kingdom. In the Kingdom of God, He has a place for everyone. He does not want us to die a copy of someone. God wants us to be unique. He wants us to torment the gates of Hell and let the devil know that you are more than a conqueror through Christ who strengthens you. That’s an attitude God can work with. When you focus on being who God made you to be, that’s when you’ll rise up higher and position yourself for every spiritual blessing He has in store for you!”

Our focus has to change and we have to start focusing on God instead of focusing on people. God never fails. He is the best Father anybody can ever have. Stay unique

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