Avoiding difficult work situations, hoping they will change if you wait long enough.

Putting off routine or menial tasks, i.e., responding to letter, cleaning your files,organizing your desk.

Staying with a job or position long after it has stopped being a challenge.

Being afraid to relocate to another town, fear of any kind of change or risk.

Frequently getting sick or having minor accidents when faced with a difficult or unpleasant task.

Delaying something or doing it so badly that someone else finally does it.

Avoiding confrontation with others, even when you have a legitimate grievance or a just cause.

Blaming outside forces for your lack of successes and happiness.

Using negativism and criticism to get out of doing something.

Refusing to get a physical check-up when you suspect something is wrong, putting off professional help to kick drinking, drug or smoking habits.

Using the excuse “It’s boring” to avoid full participation in your job.

Planning but never putting into action your major goals in life.

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