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There is only purpose of light, to shine isn’t it? Jesus called us Christians as the light in this world. But many Christians haven’t understood the message of the Cross and the fact that once we are in Christ it automatically activates us into being the workmanship of God. Before the foundation of this world was laid out God had already thought of all the good works we would do. But when we do not see this truth and we will make life about making a safe abode here on earth for our own comfort and completely miss out on the big picture that we are only aliens here because we are the citizens of Heaven and we have been placed here to bring the Light of the World, Jesus into the dark places. We often hear “there is so much darkness now” but the fact is its always been dark here ever since the fall happened, so why bother ourselves and waste our time talking about how dark it is here and instead shine the light inside of us in those dark places ? Listen to this challenging but truth filled talk by Christine Caine who speaks out of the life she has lived in the gospel, a doer of the word of God.

Gratitude and thankfulness to God actually flips our perspectives and gets us outside of our own selves and brings us into God’s world. That’s why the bible commands us to be thankful to Him in all things not because God is in desperate need of it to be God but rather that we are benefited by it. It may just be that one thing if you diligently do that will change your life completely. Get inspired by this christian speaker Will Edison who puts it so well.

Somebody out there really needs to see this video today. Be blessed!

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