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God is the greatest and the most brilliant Investor ever. Anyone else can only imitate Him and His style. Lets think of the brilliance in Him today in the way He invested into our lives. He could have come up with any other way such as making animals each in their own kind, or speaking light into existence or even letting His word hold the constellations. But for a special reason He chose to put Himself into man by the work of Jesus. Now that is special and unique that He would be so thoughtful in making man.

When God Himself invests His own Son into us imagine how natural it should be for us to live worthy of that investment. Just pondering upon this revelation alone should invoke a certain lifestyle in us. Let us take this up in our prayers and think about it with the Holy Spirit.

Stay blessed!

Dear friends, it is a fact that our understanding of the gospel is what will take us till the end of the race we have each been called to run. For those who are still struggling to find out and are formulating within themselves the clear understanding of the gospel , this teaching by Pastor Dan Mohler is a good place to start from. Enjoy and be blessed!

Check this out with yourself: you have been part of a situation which affected both you and the other people, but instead of manifesting Christ to the people in that situation you instead took things personal and only looked at how the situation affected you. If you found yourself automatically releasing a greater view of the Kingdom inspite of the effect of the situation then you sure do hold Jesus’ mindset. But if you found yourself to have made it about protecting your own self or forwarding your own interests irrespective of others then there is a need to understand and check for yourself whether you are truly after God’s Kingdom and His interests. An example of this can be one of enemy’s attack that has affected both you and the other people. Prior to that situation happening it is important to understand that the enemy is not after you personally, he is after the word of God in your life so that it does not grow in you. Everyday situations happen and change and we find people without Christ suffering without Him. But in those situations us who are equally hit with problems but do have Christ must be able to give Christ to those people. That is living for the Kingdom of God which carries a bigger view. Watch this elaborate teaching by Pastor Dan Mohler to understand more. Be blessed!

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