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We have been born into a fallen world and unless we get born again there is never an opportunity to truly know who we are. It is only in God through Jesus Christ through the work of the Holy Spirit will we know who we were made to be. Outside of it we will always have identity crisis in the form of mid life crisis, addictions, sexual confusion, gender confusion,finding identity through careers or through people who will need to love us enough for us to feel better. When the core of us our identity is missing we will always try to find purpose in life. Why go through cycles and confusion and simply get truth and understanding from God, His word and through precious Holy Spirit ? Here is a solid preaching by Pastor Dan Mohler on the topic. Be blessed and know who you are!

The moment you bow down to fear your mind will kick in and play along and create scenarios that don’t even exist or would never happen. Haven’t you ever caught yourself with some imagination that you later wondered “why in the world would i ever think that”. Well that could just be your mind creating a scenario for you because you tapped into a fleshly mindset.For example say you have been worrying about your marriage lately, your mind would kick in and you would find yourself making presumptions of what your spouse in not thinking or is not going to do. The question is what kind of a mindset are you tapping into when that happens? Is it the mindset of who you are in Christ or a mindset which doesn’t know what being in Christ means? This helpful talk by brother Pete Cabrera Jr will greatly equip you to understand this well and will surely shed light into the situations taking place in your life lately.

Praying for healing is so simple and it is based on what you believe on. You don’t have to stress on some words or say Jesus’ name multiple times cause you then prove that it is mainly about you. Its all based on believing the finished work of Christ, believing that God is restoring all that’s in you and how you pray. Its not about your works. Its so simple that just believing that and saying a simple be healed will do. Check out this teaching by Dan Mohler who demonstrates this in this video.

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