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This is one mindset held by many Christians who do not find themselves fellowshipping anymore with other brothers and sisters and it is a mindset of bondage. Many Christians use this excuse to cop out from fellowship or to hop from one church to another to find love and needs they want to be met. But the question is very simple if the “Church” or the local body that you were so hurt by knew who they are in Christ, would they hurt you that way ? An answer for you to give to yourself. And when will you stop going to fellowship for your needs and to get from people when it was all about being filled with Him and pouring yourself out for God’s people and His work ? That is also another question for you to answer.

Many of us live in condemnation because of this question in our minds. Listen to this brother Tom Scarrella show us our real freedom in Christ.

Many Christians struggle with this question of God’s sovereignty. Infact many do not have a clear understanding about this. Wrong belief would always cut off the intimacy with God and especially such a question often leads to questioning a loving God and blaming God because of lack of knowledge and understanding. In this place life becomes confusing. Therefore, listen to the truth shared in this interview session with Dan Mohler and Todd White. Ponder upon this and know your God. Examine if you have truly known the God you believe in or have you had a wrong understanding of Him. Let the truth wash away all the wrong beliefs and find freedom that’s available in Jesus today. Also find healing and peace you so seek for. Bless you brothers and sisters.

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