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The biggest difference between the disciples of Jesus in the first century and now is that now disciples of Jesus think there is an Utopian world by following Jesus but the disciples then were willing to go through anything. All our ducks do not have to be in a row for us to continue doing the words of Jesus. This means that all our situations, circumstances and relationships do not have to be perfect for us to follow Him. We must keep in mind that we are here for Him. Therefore two of the most distinguishing marks of a disciple of Jesus are love and obedience. Infact they both are intertwined when it comes to Jesus. We cannot say we love Him if we do not obey His words. Listen to this great teaching by brother Curry Blake that you just cannot afford to miss. Be blessed!

Beloved in God, our Heavenly Father is highlighting one of the core messages of Jesus in this time and season for the Body of Christ. That message is discipleship. When we said yes to making Jesus our Lord and Savior we were enlisting ourselves to His army. That yes was never meant to be “say yes once and we are good to go to heaven”. Without discipleship it is as if we are not even living a life we were called to live. Giving our lives to Jesus means following Him and everything He says without compromising anything He values. Since this is the common theme in the Body of Christ that God is bringing out you are encouraged to listen to this teaching by Curry Blake and make the necessary changes needed in your life. Be blessed!

Discipleship or following Jesus is a second by second and choice by choice keeping His word. Keeping of His word doesn’t mean reading His word. It means living by His word. A disciple is not above his master and he is expected to do everything that his master tells him. SO what makes us think we can pick and choose what we follow about Jesus and what we do not ? Think about it! Watch this sermon by Curry Blake which will make you examine the reality of how your life is bring lived. The best thing to do is to take accountability of your own life and order one’s behavior and conduct according the Master Jesus.

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