This is what Holy Spirit is saying to us:

“We are watching over you with intense anticipation.We love that you are in Christ learning to be Christ like. We have such a huge anticipation and expectation of who you are becoming in Us. We are All emphatically engaged with your story and your journey in Christ. We give you permission to live in the place of greatest favor and to partake of Our fullness and Our abundance that We have set aside for you to inherit and inhabit in Us. Be as absorbed in this life as We are captivated by who you r becoming. We give you permission to be attentive to all that We are doing in you. We are your focus, your passion, your connection with all of this permission.You are as We are in this life. Your new man has a primary focus on all of the permissions in Jesus. All the permissions We give to you carry a powerful Yes and Amen.”

To listen to the whole message go ahead and watch this short video. Be blessed!

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