The main tactic of the enemy when bringing an offense against you is to destroy you mainly. Offended heart is a breeding ground for destruction.When you are free from offense you are truly free friends đŸ™‚ If we as the embodiment of Jesus do not do good who else will on earth ? When you are dictated by another person because of the offense what you are basically saying is that Jesus is not the Lord of your life but that person is. The solution to this is very simple : living from your spirit man because spirit man is complete love. Love always believes the best for every person. If Father, Jesus and Holy Spirit didn’t think that way then they surely would have issues with your repeated disobedience or sins against Him. But no They kept hoping the best for you, believing the best for you and Their love never failed or ended for you. Love is the greatest thing on this planet, the love of God. Love of God will keep from making it all about you when your life wasn’t even about you in the first place. So be free from you and you WILL be free from others.

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