Jesus, the sweetest name in heaven and earth, praise can only abound towards Him. Here is a love expression for Jesus for all that He has done and be encouraged to continue on with praise from within you:

Jesus, Your eyes so lovely show me how deep Your love is
When I gaze at You my soul comes alive as if I was resuscitated
No thing or no one can ever stop me from swimming in Your love
I can leap and dance like dolphins in the ocean of Your love
You have freed my soul by pouring into the freedom You live in
When I feel the grip of Your hands I know I am secure and cannot fall
By gazing into Your eyes I can dance with You on a tightrope between the mountains
You have given me Your Father, My Father, the One who knew me before I was
You have given me Your Spirit, the One who has been waiting for me
In You am alive, am alive, am alive, I give myself to You
Take all of who I am and make it one with all of who You are
Because You have loved me and have given Yourself for me
Now forever I will follow You and live one with You, Jesus the sweetest name

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