A lot of us think addressing the situations we find ourselves in in front of God is what will move God into action. No that’s called worrying. One can pray all night without faith and not get any prayer answered. Only faith as a lifestyle will let you receive anything at all from God. Sometimes we think that if we do not talk about the realities of our bad situation or what doesn’t seem to work out in front of God and other people we are not really dealing with things well. No our Lord Jesus taught us otherwise, we don’t have to talk about the situations or what’s not working, we ought to stay in faith, live in faith, pray in faith, move in faith,give in faith infact that anything outside of faith is pointless and not life at all. And He modeled that life for us. So why should we opt for a lesser lifestyle which we learnt from being in the world anyway, now that Jesus has come and shown us the way ? There is so much transforming truth in this message by brother Keith Moore. Check it out!

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