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free download niv bible

Right Click and Save as to download your free copy below. The free download NIV Bible is available for all. Please check the copyright rule of your country. The source of this niv bible free download says it is free for all.

DOWNLOAD NIV BIBLE: Bible New International Version(NIV)

The New International Version (NIV) is another translation of the Bible in English. It is easy to read and lots of people like this version as well. As always remember to have other versions of the Bibles for your own personal study. The Christian without the Bible is like a farmer without his tools. The Bible is our tool for living on this earth. It is the word of God. I pray as you read this Book, the Holy Spirit will bring to your understanding the greater things the Kingdom of God has for you.

The free download niv bible or the niv bible download really transforms lives and as Christians, the Bible is our standard. It is God breath, it brings life and it changes so many things. The only truth you can really trust is the Bible. Read and meditate upon it day and night and your life will change fore ever.


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If you have any problem with the download, kindly write to the admin at info@godwordsecret.com. Thank you for visiting the website and we hope you will come back again for more free resources that can be found in the E-book section

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