never stop learning design TODAY IS NOT JUST ORDINARY

Ps 118:24 This is the day the LORD has made; We will rejoice and be glad in it. David had a power revelation when he wrote this verse in the Bible. A lot of people love to quote this verse but do not really live it. It is very sad to see people in the body of Christ walking as defeated people in life. But did the psalmist mean what he said. The answer is yes.

Today is the day for us to be happy. Today is the day we have to take hold of every good thing God has for us. Today is the day we have to recognise that God is more than enough.”This” in the verse means it is now. It should not be postponed.

This is no ordinary day. It is a special day for us to do a new thing.It’s unique, and there is never been another one like it. We should rejoice.

This day is filled with new possibilities and it will never come to you again. Time spent is time lost because we cannot reverse time. It is  a treasure we have today to see this day and to receive it with joy.We can do with it what we wish and that would determine what would happen next.

his is the day. We can choose to embrace this day’s unique value and create even more value with it. We can ultimately decide to stand up and live this day with of the richness of heaven at hand.Joy comes in the morning every time.We have to learn to believe.

All sorts of fortunate circumstances have come together to place you in this unique and beautiful day. Now is your opportunity to make the most of that good fortune.

This is the day we can turn every disappointment to an appointment.Disappointments are not final because if we have Jesus on our team we will never be disappointment. He is there to always help.This day comes with new opportunities for meaningful joy in God.

To embrace this day as written in the Bible we have to open ourselves to the beauty of life that is all around us right now, on this very day. God made every day good. There is never a bad day with God. This is a beautiful day, and it is yours right now to live.

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