We Christians are in a war between the Kingdom of God and powers of darkness. The Kingdom of God is advancing and there is no stop to how God’s word spreads all over the earth. So in this war we may think that the powers of darkness are after us specifically and make it personal. But the truth is that they are after the Word of God in us because it has the power to transform , multiply and reproduce after its own kind. The more dangerous aspect about the word of God is no one can stop it. So the best tactic of the enemy is stop us from seeing this truth and stop us from ever denying ourselves, picking up our cross and following Jesus. Lets consider the persecution in the times of early Christianity, the more opposition tried to curb Christianity, the more it spread wider even more and it turned out that the world was turned upside down. We need to get this perspective right and stop making it a personal war, it ain’t. So more than ever you must charge forward with all tenacity to live out the Word of God by loving not your own life even if death comes our way. This was the main secret to the widespread propagation of Christianity in the early establishment. If we make it about ourselves, we are saying our lives are more important that His life in us. Let’s get this perspective right.

We Christians are called to be violent charging forward with this gospel by walking out our lives with faith of Jesus Christ. One of the main aspects of this momentum forward is WORSHIP. It is a constant recognition of the majesty, glory and power of God. It is constant brainwashing of ourselves where we teach ourselves who God is and who we are because of Him. It is a constant reminder that nothing can stop the Kingdom of God from advancing forward. When we keep ourselves immersed in this truth through worship , the walls break down. Those walls can be strongholds in our minds or traditions of men we have been taught through religion. Worship is constant communion with Holy Spirit who is our best friend and it is acknowledging His Presence in our lives. By worship we are telling Holy Spirit and living the reality that we are dominated by Him and His truth alone. Worshipping God has the very power to flip the atmospheres whether in our own minds or places where we hang out. When we worship we are creating a resting place for God so He can feel free at home in us, household or the work place we are at. When we worship we are simply joining the timeless worship going on outside the time bounds of this world and join all the created being to worship Him.

My friends, this may seem too unattainable but by faith and willingness we can have this lifestyle. Its all just faith. Take a step forward and another and another and keep going forward thinking only of moving forward. And it is also not something that should take months to have. The truth is Kingdom of God is within you now, if you have been born again by the Spirit. So why should what is normal to the Kingdom of God be so unattainable, inaccessible and slow ? All it takes is faith to access that and bamm you are already living it. Do you want this ?

To encourage you today in this truth and help you walk into this lifestyle here is a song for you:

“Lets fill this city with the songs of Heaven
Our joyful noise makes the darkness flee
As we praise Him we establish a place for His glory
Lets join the angels as we really come to worship
Our lives abandoned to the Father’s call
With a hunger to see Jesus lifted high over all
Because our worship changes atmospheres
That’s why we’ll never stop praising You
And if You turn the clock ten thousand years
You’ll still find me here before Your throne”

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