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Its easy to quit and give up on things you started with God because you didn’t see what God showed you in the beginning. But God wants to make an overcomer out of you. When will you yield to that work He is doing in you? Watch this inspirational video on how Christians are called to run the race and fight the good fight of faith. Be blessed!

Thundering majesty, bursting forth in love
Speaking forth life into being, pouring out grace from above
Desiring mercy that never ends, You are good always
We’ll sing of Your faithfulness for all of our days

Myriads of angels surround Your throne
All cry glory in Your temple and make Your great name known
We stand in awe of who You are, so we lift our gaze
To the one seated on the throne, the ancient of days

Who is like the Lord His greatness is unsearchable

All of the glory and all of the honor, our hearts and our love we give to You
We lift high Your great name and offer up our praise, who can we liken to You
We tremble before You in the greatness of Your love, we tremble before You

You are beautiful, You are beautiful

Everything you ever see in the life of Jesus was Him modeling the life that we were made to live here on earth and how you can walk with Father as one. The moment you see that that’s where you release faith to become it. Jesus already made you righteousness of God and it’s upto you to receive that to become reality in your life. Check out this short video where Pastor Dan Mohler explains how to receive grace for transformation. Be blessed!

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