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Christians are called to live by faith but strangely we are more vulnerable to the world that was given to us to dominate than the unbelievers are. If we are living without faith we are not living at all. So what makes us think we can pray without faith? The fact is, because we have been living for years in this world before we came into Christ our default reaction to situations and people has been fear. Fear is a form of control when we operate outside of the place of perfect love. But on the flip side faith is a form of surrender to the truth we now have been called to live by. There is a Kingdom we are part of, friends. It is completely different from what we have known this world to be. It operates only by faith. There is a power we have been created to flow in but the more we remain vulnerable to the world we live in, the less we will get to see the Kingdom we are part of. This Kingdom is more real than the world we see, hear, touch and experience.

Friends, be encouraged by this teaching by Pastor Dan Mohler and understand what your default now is in Christ.

When you fall in love with God how can we ever not praise Him, speak of Him with others, enjoy His Presence, love Him, appreciate Him ? Loving God is the newest thing we can do everyday. Let us wake up in love with Him, singing praises to Him. Let us look for different ways to love Him. Doesn’t He deserve it ? He is so good and faithful. Just His Presence is nothing like we have ever experienced. Enjoy this song!

Friends, if a house must first have a foundation and be built up before it can hold other floors above it, why should we think that we are dependable for others if we are not strong in God? How can we truly help others conquer their battles if we are weak in our characters? How can weak and ineffective person be a blessing to ministries, friendships, work environment and marriages ? Many times we hasten to enter into people’s lives to help them whereas we haven’t helped ourselves get strong first. Think about it! If we are not building our own lives on God’s word which is firm and never shaking then how can we help others stand if they help? Will we give them false foundations instead?

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