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What is Holy Spirit working in you?

We children of God are constantly growing in Him, the catch however is we grow better and faster when we submit to His work in us? We are constantly moving from being children into being mature sons and daughters of God. Everyday many false mindsets and strongholds get challenged in us. We can either want the transformation or not. We can either let Holy Spirit show us the truth and we obey that truth or we do not align to the truth. The path of maturity is fully dependent on us and Holy Spirit is never to be held responsible for that. It is us who need to go to Him and yield ourselves to Him. That is what He is here in us for.

In our walk of being a disciple of Jesus, sometimes we do not fully understand what is happening. We know we have to submit to the truth, do the word of God and keep following His ways. Every time any word of God we have in our lives, circumstances and people do not align accordingly. Often times we end up becoming the very enemies to His word because of deliberate action or simply lack of understanding or even commitment to the Lord. Sometimes, time it takes for will of God to happen seems never ending. Sometimes we find ourselves failing to keep the faith in Him and trust Him. Some other times we do keep the faith but nothing seems to happen.

But all this chaos, can it gone if you sat down with Holy Spirit and asked what He is wanting to cultivate or is cultivating in you in the now ? Don’t you think it will become easier if you knew He is working on one area of your area and not necessarily looking at aligning the situation ? Could it be that He is shaping you to look like Him in the given situation ? Because the moment you know what it is He is doing in you, the struggle ceases, clarity steps in and there can be movement forward provided you yield to His process and ways.

So be encouraged today friends, to ask Holy Spirit what it is He is shaping in you and what you can do to yield to Him in this season of your lives.

So there has been a word upon your life given to you by God ? You believe it and have also positioned yourself for it to come to pass, but it is not coming to pass ? If that’s you read ahead. The word of the Lord explains from the book of Hebrews, what is missing in the following manner: “That ye be not slothful, but followers of them who through faith and patience inherit the promises”. So you may be carrying faith and have positioned yourself to receive them, but if patience or in other words consistency is lacking, then its not possible to inherit the promises. Do you know why the Lord tells us patience is the important attribute ? One of the main reasons the word of God is given to you is to make you become that person to carry that which God is prophesying about. Its takes seasons of pruning, testing, brokenness in order to shape Him in you, because what He is prophesying about is who He has put inside of you and the act of prophecy is simply the calling forth of that. Now just think for a moment, do you think it is possible to carry what He is calling you to become with the way you are at the moment ? You may answer yes to that, it is good, but only the One who knows your entire destiny and plans for you can judge that. Remember friend, His main goal is to make you become like Him.

Therefore, it is eminent that you submit to the process of the Spirit and be absolutely led by Him. Drop all the understanding you already have and let Him replace that with His counsel instead. The walk with God is an adventure and it becomes better and better simply because you get to discover Him. The one thing that keeps you going in such a process of becoming is your absolute devotion and passion for God. If you want God more than your very life then you will discover that the seasons in your life that are very hard need not look hard. One reason is simply that He always asks us to give up that which we are not in the first place. Another reason is because where He is taking you requires that you have been brought to a certain dimension of operation. Think about Elijah the prophet. Would there have been a mount caramel and fire of God manifestation if he had not heeded God who told him to go to place where his food would be brought by ravens ? To encourage you further in this truth, here is a teaching by Bruce Allen about the process involved. Receive and be blessed!

My dear friend reading this post, have you ever known a promise from God ? The bible is full of them . Have you received a prophetic word or vision from God ? Did you position yourself for the fulfillment of that promise ? You may have answered yes to these questions, but answer this one , have you been at perfect peace concerning them? Why not ? Aren’t promises of God supposed to give you rest concerning the matter He has spoken ? The reason that you can be in perfect peace is because your mind is stayed on Him with absolutely perfect trust knowing who He is. Trusting is an act based on believing who He says He is and truly knowing Him. So when the promises of God for you never changed, why are you? Stay put and see yourself walking in all of those. Please do not waste your time and imagination on aspects that are contrary to His promise to you. It is never worth it! Be blessed! Here is a song to encourage you in this truth. Let faith and trust arise!

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