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Watch this amazing interview of a young couple recently married and the wisdom they share. There is so much packed in this short interview that if each aspect spoken of is zoomed into, it would result into solid building blocks to build one’s marriage in God. How we see differences and what the other values more can still be used by Holy Spirit to work out that oneness that God has already placed in a married couple. Enjoy the wisdom in here!

Here is a panel discussion by three people who are equipping us believers to become love to people, to truly live out the gospel of Jesus Christ. Truly Christians are the only ones who carry an eternal urgent message of hope and life. This is why we must more than ever catch what the gospel is about and who we are in God and begin to run with it. We cannot sit with it anymore, friends.

Every tongue in heaven and earth, shall declare your glory
Every knee shall bow at your throne, in worship
You will be exalted Oh God, and your kingdom, shall not pass away,
Oh Ancient of Days

Lets praise this Jesus, friends.

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