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Usually when fasting is considered, the length of the fast takes a prominent place. As much as the length is important, the most important reason God considers is the “why” behind the fast. If the motive is clear every other detail surrounding can be modified accordingly. Christians are to live with a lifestyle of prayer and fasting to die to carnal passions and lusts and to rise to the spiritual realities of what we have been called into. Imagine a life where flesh does not have any voice and we are not led by it! Here is one of the clearest teachings available on fasting by Pastor Dan Mohler. Let fasting be your lifestyle!

How many of you have felt bad about having done something you knew you shouldn’t have ? The fact that you feel so bad about it shows that you at least care now whereas before you couldn’t care less. This is not to gain permission to keep doing that but rather an opportunity to give the rightful place to the power of the gospel to dominate that weakness. What is the point of feeling bad anyway ? The reals solution is in this : let the weak say I am strong. Let mercy triumph judgement. Listen to this teaching by Pastor Dan Mohler who explains the righteous judgement of God when He is looking at you and how we are look at one another through the same eyes. Enjoy!

Jesus loved His Father immensely and He came on earth to carry out His Father’s will. It says in Hebrews 10:7 that it has been written in the volume of the book that Jesus came to do the will of the Father. Jesus even said that His meat was to do the will of the Father. Brothers and sisters, we are in Christ now and He is in us. His placement in Heaven and inside us through His Spirit shows us that He is still carrying out the will of the Father. As for the work He was given by Father it has surely been completed by Him but we are the ones who discover His will in Jesus to finish what has to be before the consummation of all things. The harvest still has to be collected. The good news of the Kingdom has to be preached to all the nations. Father is bringing together in Christ all things to Himself. Therefore bible keeps instructing us to know the will of the Lord and to do the will of the Lord. The answers regarding the will of our Father are all written down clearly. Friends, this is bigger than our day to day lives.

Here is a short video by Daniel Kolenda encouraging the Body of Christ how one can discover the will of God. Enjoy!

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