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To be brought into the place that Jesus presents from the place we find ourselves now all it takes is :belief. The question is never if its possible but rather “it is are you willing to step in ? Watch this encouraging video by brother Josh Garrels who presents belief from a different light.

The little formula for the faith that pleases God. You can make this Bible faith work for you. It is the same faith that Abraham used and it worked for him because it is faith that is based on what God has said.

1. Have God’s Word for what you desire to receive from God.
2. Believe God’s Word.
3. Consider not the contradictory circumstances.
4. Give praise to God for the answer.

Follow these four steps and you’ll always get the desired result because these are four certain or sure steps to deliverance, healing, answered prayers, or whatever it is that you are seeking from God.

Then notice Thomas’ faith. Thomas’ faith was not based upon what God said: Thomas’ faith was based upon what his own physical senses told him. For example, Thomas said he would not believe unless he could see.

Too many people try to get acquainted with God through feelings, and when they feel good, they think God has heard them. But if they don’t feel good, they think He is not hearing them. Their faith is based on their feelings, but my faith is based upon God’s Word. If God’s Word says He hears me, then I know He hears me because He said so, and His Word cannot lie. In other words, if your faith is based upon your feelings, then you are just using a natural human faith.

If you are trying to get spiritual results with natural human faith then it is not going to happen. You have to use scriptural faith, Bible faith, and believe God’s Word. And if your faith is based upon the Word of God, then you believe the Word regardless of evidences which would satisfy my physical senses.

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