In the times of waiting, be in the present, be in the moment with what God is doing. Brick after brick makes up a building and every brick has its significance. Can you have a building without this process of brick upon brick and floor upon floor? Then why do we want to see the manifestation of the promises of God in our lives without this process of working together with Him to place brick after brick ? That is the beautiful aspect that happens in this process of waiting on God. It does not mean we do not do anything. It means we move towards the very place God is taking you together with Him. Every day you get to place that brick in form of either prayer or speaking words of encouragement to others and primarily yourself or by sharing truth or in the form of loving somebody.

God always gives you the picture of the final picture or vision He has for you. Now this could mean it is growing up to look like Christ in a certain area of your life or the marriage or child you have been promised by Him or even that project you so desire to start as you know it is God’s vision for you. But you see that final picture will remain a photo but never become a video which captures all that journey God and you can have together, if you do not position yourself in that path and move according to Him.

In the process of moving in line with Him, there come few times where it seems nothing is happening or even worse that things are going contrary to that final picture. That is where you must remember this is the privilege of waiting on Him because you get to build with the Greatest Architect ever. In this journey you will not only build your life but be able to build other lives around you. God does things is the most perfect way and gives us an opportunity to know His ways. That’s when everyday starts to become a blessing.

Have you ever realized children do not get into routines as adults do ? Its because children see every day different, exciting and a day to explore. Only a child like faith can propel you to this child like excitement towards the day. Moreover, doesn’t the word of the Lord say : Blessed be the Lord, who daily loads us with benefits, even the God of our salvation. (Psalm 68:19)? Let us therefore drop this routined and dull attitude and embrace each day with the propulsion towards the purposed goal with our Father. Remember that building will start with you placing your first brick. Bless you.

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