After a couple of years living on this earth, I used to ask myself, what is one of the main cause of problems and how can it be overcome?

This question has always baffled my mind until I discovered the answer to the question. As humans we are used to people’s motivational messages, mind power and how to have a great self-esteem. What is known to most people is self-help programs which is focused on individual help. Even though these self-help programs in themselves are not bad,too much of it makes a person selfish. I have came to the realization that the most prevalent problem in this world is selfishness.

We as humans have become selfish in the way we do things.Even though it is not everyone, I believe a vast majority of people are selfish. It is my believe that the world would be a better place if people who have dealt with issues and problems would boldly come forth to speak about the problem and how they solved the problem.

We are used to people giving us success stories but we hardly hear of people who are courageous to be a standard of help to others after they have overcome a problem. I believe that if people would stand out and say to themselves, that the problem they have been into would not be repeated by any other person in this world, then it would lead to a great revolution. The world will begin to change for the best.

Here are a few reasons people never share such issues with the public.

1) First of foremost is fear.
A lot of people are really afraid to talk about personal problems which they have overcome. But if such personal problems had ways of being shared with other people, then other people will not be affected.

2) Secondly, secrecy.
Everyone wants to keep things as secret. I believe there are some issues cannot be easily shared with most people but one way to go about it is to be anonymous. The other thing is the non-so sensitive issues should not be kept from the public. For example how if a married man cheats on his wife and then is able to forgive himself and work out the marriage so that it does not happen, such matters should be shared. A lot of adultery is happening today because couples are keeping so much secrets on such matters.

3) Fear of people pointing
Starting it is a difficult thing but I believe if for example 1 person comes out to speak about one thing
Then 20 people also come out to say the same thing. As the number increases it would be difficult to point fingers at them and the people around them would now begin to appreciate the courage and boldness that was taken by the individual to share that story which in itself is tragical. Everyone appreciates courageous people but nobody wants to become that courageous person.

If we all begin to be other centered instead of self-centered issues can be dealt and this problem can be solved.

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