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If we want to engage ourselves in effective works, we have to have a basic acknowledgment of one thing at least once: “It is the Spirit who gives life” (John 6:63). If we do not settle this issue this year,we will have to settle it next year. If we do not settle it the first day we believe in the Lord, we will  have to settle it sooner or later, even if it is ten years later. Many people have to be brought to the end of themselves and realize the vanity of their work before they see the futility of their many thoughts and feelings. No matter how many people can be gained through our thoughts and feelings, the result is vain. Sooner or later we have to confess, “It is the Spirit who gives life.” Only the Spirit can give life.

Even our best thoughts and feelings cannot give life. A man can have life only through the Spirit. The Lord’s word is always true. What gives life is the Spirit. Many workers of the Lord have to go through many pains and failures before they see this fact. Since the Spirit alone gives life, it is only as the spirit  is released that sinners are regenerated and believers are built up. Regeneration is a matter of transmission of life resulting in others receiving life, while building up is also a matter of the transmission of life resulting in believers being built up. Without the Spirit there can be no regeneration, and there can be no building up.

The interesting thing is that God has no intention to separate His Spirit from our spirit. In many places in the Bible it is impossible to say whether the spirit being spoken of refers to the human spirit or God’s Spirit. Even many Greek experts cannot tell the difference. Throughout the ages Bible translators, from Luther in Germany to the translators of the King James Version, have been unable to ascertain which of the many references to the spirit in the New Testament denote the human spirit and which denote God’s Spirit.

Romans 8 is perhaps the chapter with the most references to the word spirit. Who can tell which words refer to the human spirit and which refer to God’s Spirit? When Bible translators come to Romans 8, they leave the readers to decide for themselves which spirit refers to the human spirit and which refers to God’s Spirit. When the English versions come to the word pneuma, some use an upper-case Spirit,and others use a lower-case spirit. All versions differ in this respect, and no one person’s view is authoritative. The truth is that it is impossible to differentiate between the Holy Spirit and man’s spirit.

When we received a new spirit, we received God’s Spirit at the same time. When our human spirit was revived from its deadened state, we received the Holy Spirit at the same time. The Holy Spirit resides in our spirit, but it is difficult to tell which is the Holy Spirit and which is our spirit. There is a distinction between the Holy Spirit and our spirit, but the two are not separate. Hence, the release of the spirit is not merely a release of man’s spirit but a release of the Holy Spirit through man’s spirit,  because the two spirits are one. We can differentiate the two spirits as terms but not in fact.

The release of the spirit is the release of the human spirit. It is also the release of the Holy Spirit. When others touch our spirit, they are touching the Holy Spirit at the same time. If we can provide others the opportunity to touch our spirit, we should thank the Lord because they are being provided with an opportunity to touch God’s Spirit at the same time. In fact, our spirit brings God’s Spirit to men.

When God’s Spirit operates, He has to operate through the human spirit. This is similar to electricity that runs household appliances; it cannot travel like the lightning in the air. It travels through the electrical wires. Today we not only have electrical power but electrical wires. The wire bears the electricity. In physics there is such a thing as an electrical charge. To be charged is to bear a burden. If we are to carry electricity, we have to carry the charge by means of electrical wires. This same principle holds true for God’s Spirit. He needs the human spirit as a medium to bear His Spirit.

Through the human spirit the Holy Spirit is conveyed and carried to men.After a man is saved, the Holy Spirit resides in his spirit. Whether or not a man can be used by the Lord depends more on his outer man than on his spirit. The problem with some people is that their outer man has never been broken. There is not a blood-stained pathway; there is no wound, no scar. The result is that God’s Spirit is locked up within their spirit and cannot be released. Sometimes the outer man moves, but the inner man does not respond. The outer man is released, but the inner man is still bound.

The list is not a complete list but we can avoid some of these things since they cripple our way of living. God has something good for us. The Bible says we should think of the things above. Which means we should think of what is happening in heaven so as to bring it on it. If we continue to have these negative things in our lives, we would pay the consequences. God has the best for us so let us go for it.

Life and death are in the power of the tongue. The tongue is powerful and we cannot tame it but we can tame our heart. Jesus said out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaketh. We always speak what is in our heart. Let us learn to carry the heart of Jesus as we are new creatures in Him

Do you want something ? — Will you pay the price?

The great sin — Gossip.

We should speak life about people. Yes what they might have done is bad and they deserve what they are going through. Instead of gossiping about it we should be the ones who would encourage them and let them know that they can have a new start. They can do something better and God loves them

The great crippler — Fear.
Fear is something everyone deals with. The Bible says perfect love casts our fear. That is the antidote to fear. Fear is only conquered with Love. Open your heart to God and embrace the perfect love.

The greatest mistake — Giving up.
God never gives us on you so do not give up on Him. Go an extra mile

The most satisfying experience — Doing your duty first.
Do what you have now and rest will come later. God gives strength to every work.

The best action — Keep the mind clear and judgment good.
Clean your mind with the word of God and do not judge others base on appearance. God loves us all

The greatest blessing — Good health.
You wouldnt be reading this if you have poor health. Good health is one thing God wants for us all. Let us be grateful

The biggest fool – The man who lies to himself.
We can lie to everybody but we cant lie to ourselves and we cant lie to God. He already knows.

The great gamble — Substituting hope for facts.
Get hold of faith and Hope and your life will change in the right direction

The most certain thing in life — Change.
Change is the only constant that is constant in life.

The greatest joy — Being needed.
We are all needed. Somebody needs to hear your kind words. You are a walking miracle to someone in need.

The cleverest man — The one who does what he thinks is right.
As a man thinks in his heart so is He. Let us think of the things above and our thinking will be right.

The most potent force — Positive thinking.
Paul said we should cast down all wrong imaginations. Let us think of the good that God has done through us. That is positive thinking.

The greatest opportunity — The next one.
There will always be open doors if the other closes. When you miss an opportunity wait for the next one.

The greatest thought — God.
Think about God daily and you would become like Him. God wants us to be like Jesus and when we continually think about Him, He helps us to attain that.

The greatest victory — Victory over self.
Look to yourself and you will be disappointed. Look to God and you will be appointed

The best play — Successful work.
Do your best on your job. God wants us to do that because He makes us capable

The greatest handicap — Egotism.

The most expensive indulgence — Hate.
Hatred can kill. It is poisonous. It will kill us first before it affects the other

The most dangerous man — The liar
Learn to speak the truth and trust God

The most ridiculous trait — False pride.
Pride is a killer. God blesses the Humble and dislikes the proud.

The greatest loss — Loss of self confidence.
Trust in God for He is the one who will give you confidence to do greater things

The greatest need — Common sense.

God gave us some sense which is not common.

Above let us learn that with God all things are possible and if we submit to him He will take us from zero to hero.

The life which one receives upon believing in the Lord is a life shared with many other people. If the believer looks even from just one vantage point, whether it be that of the household of God or that of the dwelling place of God or that of the body of Christ, the picture he gets shows that he is but a part of the whole.

How then can he desire to live in isolation? To do so surely means to miss the fullness in God. He may seek to maintain fellowship with God, yet he will miss out on much if he is not properly joined together with others. He will not be able to fully emit the light of the highest and most abundant life, for it is only in the church that fullness is found.How can one be in a family of five brothers and sisters and have no communication with them?

If I am the only child in the family, I cannot maintain any contact with my other brothers and sisters for I have none. But if I am not an only child, but one among five, just a part of the family, how dare I suggest that I will not have any relationship with my brothers and sisters but will be my father’s only child? Can I shut myself in a room and tell the rest of the family not to bother me because I am my father’s only child? Can I then have nothing to do with the rest of them?

When one believes in the Lord, he does not become an only begotten son; he is rather one son among tens of thousands. This very fact eliminates the possibility of shutting oneself up solely to the Father. Though you may be born as an only child in an earthly family, yet when you believe in the Lord, you are born again into the biggest family in the world. No family can be bigger than this family of God, for it includes countless numbers of brothers and sisters.

Do not despise them because there is such a great multitude of them; seek rather to know them and to communicate with them since you yourself are one of them. If you have no desire at all to see your brothers and sisters, I wonder if you are really a brother or sister in the Lord. How can one who is born of God not be moved in his heart by those who are also born of God? Can he refuse to give them the right hand of fellowship?

It is not a Christian concept for a person to be only concerned with his own welfare. Being in the family, one has to be a brother to the brothers, a sister to the sisters. Such a relationship comes from the life of God and is filled with love. Who does not long for his brothers and sisters, who does not desire to see them and have fellowship with them? This is a wonderful thing!

Please remember: though you receive the life of God personally, yet the life you receive belongs to tens of thousands of the children of God; yours is but a part of the whole. The very nature of your new life is not independence—it requires you to fellowship with the rest of the brethren.

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