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One of the privileges we have as children of God is to be able to minister to God’s heart every moment of the day. In fact we have been instructed to make melody in our hearts to God. Its a privilege to do so. Because of what He has already done for us, because of His never changing state of being of love towards us, our hearts should always be erupting with praises and worship for Him as we cannot contain or hold it inside of us. This perspective is only a reminder of what worship to our Maker is and what a privilege of worship we have. Be blessed by this hillsong’s song of praise for our Heavenly Father.

This Christmas do not forget that it is all about Christ and because of what He did for us we now live free. Happy Christmas!

One of the primary assignments given to us in our Christian walk is loving ourselves in the Lord and that also means constantly keeping ourselves encouraged and edified in the Lord. It has done no good to anyone by going down a depression path or a never ending negative thought pattern and never will. We are to take every single thought captive and bring it to the obedience of the Lord so that no thought ever rises above Him and His word. That is a responsibility we have . We are the stewards of our own hearts friends. We ought to rise up everytime and tell ourselves to be constant, to be steadfast in Him. We have to tell ourselves to be in the Lord and stir ourselves to stir ourselves in love for the Lord. To encourage you with this message for today, here is a song that will imprint it in your minds. Enjoy!

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