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Enjoy these worship moments led by brother Tyler Richardson. Be encouraged friend as you wait upon the Lord!

Sometimes worship songs help get into that zone with Holy Spirit where we can find ourselves aligned with Him. But when you do you step into a realization that what we were singing became a gateway to switch to the reality we are to live in, that’s ushering of heaven on earth. For example, we can start to worship God in our pain where we only seem to take to heart how others are treating us, by constantly singing to Him words like “let my heart want for nothing but Jesus”. Then somewhere as we continue pressing into Him and His beauty, it strikes us that our lives were made only for Him and never to live for ourselves. Once we have reached that place we realize that our “pain” because of other people doesn’t even make sense anymore and we begin to see how we can be a blessing to that person regardless of what they did to us.

So dear beloved sisters and brothers in Christ, here you go, start your worship with this song by bethel and find out where you will be transported into.

When the intimacy with Holy Spirit deepens we truly begin to see the real nature of His. Those words which we read in the new testament become experiential knowing of Him. The more we know Him the more we understand how much He is truly for us. If He convicts us of something, it is because He knows how He really created us. Even when we sometimes forget and drift off into others issues of life or cruise life with the understanding we have from the world, He is still there waiting. Can you actually recognize the fact that He is always ever present and our unwillingness to walk in His ways doesn’t make Him say : “that’s enough I am out of here ?”. He is love Himself and suffers long and is kind. He keeps working in us without loosing sight of where He is going. Such a trusted companion we have. Let us truly honor His presence, work and desire in our live. Enjoy this song of worship which obviously resulted out of deep fellowship with the Holy Spirit. Be blessed!

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