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Our glorious God does everything with His word. Forever His word is settled in Heaven.He sends His word to heal and deliver us from destruction.He gives light through His word. He melts snow with His word, causes the water to flow and commands winds to blow. He established heavens with His word. With His word He commanded light to be. Everything in heavens and earth is under His authority and His word is the currency so to speak that moves things. We get to operate according to His word but at the same time He has given us the power to use our tongues to cause certain actions to take place. We can understand this with the analogy that citizens of a Kingdom can choose to either operate according to their King’s decree or not. If they want to see Kingdom results then they will have to align with their King’s decrees and make it active in their lives. But if they choose not to align then their results will be according to what they speak and the King would not be responsible for that. In the same way to get God’s results we must align and operate according to His word. One of the best things about our God is He is God of all life and He wants us to live in the same prosperity and abundance of life just because He has created us in His image. Our King wants each and every citizen to prosper. Therefore our lives and especially the words or confessions we make in and about our lives and situations must correspond to the words of the King we serve. To get the maximum and the best yield out of a produce it is best to sow the word of God. We must be able to take the word of God which just as a seed remains passive till its activated in our lives. Word of God is active but it is not an automatic thing if we are not consciously releasing the power of it into our lives and situations. For example Jesus has already paid for the healing for everyone as the bible tells us that by His stripes we are healed. But do we still not see sickness and disease in the world? It is upto us Christians we take His word and release the power of it by faith and bring healing into a person’s life. In this manner it is not an automatic thing.

If we understand all this so far, we can now understand that words and confessions we speak and make on a constant basis are dictating how we our lives here on earth are turning out. We will have what we say as Jesus taught us. Therefore is it not such a privilege to have the word of God and release it into our lives and situations and see the alignment? Enjoy this teaching by Charles Capps who goes into details of this subject and connect to it from the viewpoint that as image bearers of God we must represent Him in all aspects and areas.

Words are real things. Yes that’s right! Just as thoughts are real entities, words produced and released outside of us are real entities. We are constantly releasing either life or curses to ourselves, other people or our situations. We think words we speak and how we use our words do not make any difference. And yet it is our God who spoke and light was? Anything God releases has power to make or break , create or destroy. SO how can we think we who are made in His image are any different? Do you realize that if we use our words of honor and respect according to people’s created value they would actually align to that than giving themselves to anything less than God ? That’s exactly what God does by calling us out to our true identity in Christ. Let us give this a thought and really understand the power we walk in because of our words. Enjoy this teaching by brother Kenneth Copeland.

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