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Friends, faith in God doesn’t start with big things. God lets us be trained in the smaller things which is harder than believing for bigger things because by then it is easier to stand on faith in the word of God. But wherever we are in life and growth in God, He will meet us there and lead us from there. Here is a powerful and trust in God building teaching by brother Curry Blake for you. Be blessed!

Did you know that if your heart is in fear or doubt or even is full of questions, its not so much to do with who is causing that but rather with you who has allowed it ? Yes, we are the steward of our own hearts and the gateway to our own beings. No matter what may be trying to oppress you or how strong the pull of certain kinds of thoughts may be, we still have the control over what we let in. Jesus said “let not your heart be troubled”. He never focused on the things that come against us in life. He emphasized on how our response and disposition can be regardless of what may be going on around us. We can live in perfect peace all the time. We already know this and know that at this place we are in pure faith, so let us do it too! Be blessed by this teaching by Pastor Keith Moore!

The bible says “By faith Sarah herself also received strength to conceive seed, and she bore a child when she was past the age, because she judged Him faithful who had promised”

There are many promises you have received my friend, from God, yes He was the One who promised and put you on the hot seat of faith because your only job is to believe Him who promised and position yourself for Him.The moment we make the promises too personal and put our own judgement, timing, analysis, put our trust on the promises, put our truth on the people involved for the promise to come to pass and begin to look to ourselves and place a measuring standard, we have long diverted from the path that God wanted us to be on to fulfill that promise. The most common example of this happening is when often we place ourselves upto a certain standard of how we are to look like Christ , pull through every effort to look it and miss out giving God the full opportunity to make us transform into Christ. Come on friends, didn’t God start the work of grace in you when He translated you from the power of darkness and put us into the Kingdom of His love ? If God started something in your life why do you stress about it ? The only reason is leaning to our own understanding of how God will come through. Between God coming through and you receiving the promise there is a whole journey called the good fight of faith. Why not yield yourself to work of God ,focus only on that with joy of the Lord as your strength and leave the details to God?

Here is an awesome teaching by Christine Caine to encourage you in your journey to inheriting the promises of God.

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