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romance with creativity

Why some people just don’t want to be a bit romantic? Most of them believe that they don’t have in them to be a romantic. Creativity is in everyone and anyone can create something new. Most people have a very limited knowledge of the word creativity but it offers a lot than their expectations.

Giving flowers or candies as gift s are just fine but sometimes you have to think a bit better than that.  Well if your partner is fond of flowers and you could not think of anything better to present them as a gift then you should give them a flower whose petals could be counted, not red roses that will lose their charm just after few hours. Ask your partner to play the game of love me or love me not with the flower petals and give them flowers after counting the petals so that they always end up on they love me.

Arts and some other home made projects were once an exciting break from boredom of the class, but it can help you in creating some romantic gestures.  Simply making the promises of love is not just enough. Show some creativity when you are expressing your love to them cut a piece of paper and write “I Love You” on either side of the paper. Twist it in such a way that it takes shape of figure 8 and present this to love loved one.

Creativity doesn’t mean giving creative and thoughtful gifts it has many other meanings it also means to change the whole atmosphere around you. Spend an evening with your loved one at home imitating an outage of power and try to keep each other warm.

If you are in a flight then you ask any of the flight attends to help you out. They will help you out and they will give some special present to your loved one. They will be more than happy to help you out.

You don’t have to give out gifts to your loved ones to show some creativity some gestures like dancing with the loved ones also very creative. Be creative and do whatever you want.

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