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We are thinking beings made in the image of God, but we have not been made to have negative thought patterns and associations and to have constancy in negativity. Our minds were made to have the mind of Christ to rule our brains which on turn control every other function in our bodies. In this video Dr. Caroline Leaf explains and proves how the whole system of mind to brain to body function works. The good news she presents is we have become a product of our wrong decisions and thought patterns but that is changeable because that is not who we are in God. After this video you will realize how the word of God is our lifeline and what importance it actually has. If we simply follow the word of God and the leading of the Holy Spirit we will find ourselves prospering in all things, where our soul prospers along with our heart and all our ways are established. Do you not want that ?

There is a militancy and seriousness that we as God’s children are expected to have especially given the fact that we are believers who live by what we do not see and is not tangible to us. It is all the more the reason to take up truth and keep releasing that out of our being , whether we are meditating on it or speaking it or when talking to God or people. We alone are responsible for how much we want to grow in the truth. We alone are responsible to renew or brainwash our minds with truth of the word of God, Holy Spirit is not responsible for this. We are the stewards of spiritual realities we have been given, so how will we administer them when we ourselves do not understand enough to know that we are responsible for it ? Let us take this up very seriously. Renewing our minds to the truth of the word of God is our lifeline here on earth to be able to operate in the reality of heaven we have been placed in. Why continue to live in the outskirts of spiritual realities and in the fleshly realm when we can walk and live in the Spirit and reap the benefits of that ? Hear is an encouraging teaching by Curry Blake which will demonstrate to you how to renew our minds according to the truth. Be blessed!

What is the one thing that matters according to Galatians 6:15 but is never studied ? Its the new creation in Christ. When we get born again we are told we are new creation but we are never told what comes with the new creation. With new creation comes healing, blessing, deliverance,life of Christ. The basic understanding is simply that you have been healed, you have been set free and you now have life. All you now have to do is settle that and decide to not live like the way you did before.That doesn’t mean it will happen overnight because your biggest enemy is not the enemy but yourself, your unrenewed mind.Part of discipline in renewing your mind is not say anything that goes against or different from the word of God. Its weapon to keep your mouth shut, a spiritual weapon when you do not say anything but the word of God. Think about that! Listen to Curry Blake to understand more. Buy truth and buy understanding!

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