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Worshiping God is like finding life giving streams of water in the middle of dry land. Enjoy this beautiful song full of joy and sing it with all of your heart to the Most Amazing Father in Heaven.

You know what friends nothing really stops God from doing His good works, miracles and wonders. It is only a privilege we have as the Body of Christ to be plugged in through who God wants to move. The mystery has already been revealed: Christ within the hope of Glory. So be encouraged with this testimony to step out more into a normal lifestyle of the Kingdom you have been called to. Remember God’s word says that we are not the shrinking back out of fear kind of people but instead are the believing kind. So let us flow with Holy Spirit one with Him and do the word of God.

Check out what God did to this woman with 40 years of back pain! Brother Pete only laid hands on her back and did not pray but asked questions and the back was healed. Power of God and faith its that simple. Be blessed by this video and receive your healing or go pray for one who needs healing today !

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