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Temptations present themselves in all forms, but when they come we are not analyze them , entertain them or even go half way to see what they really are and where they will lead to. By default they are designed to be pleasurable and will take our eyes off of God. No matter where we find ourselves at, the moment we see the truth , we will see the temptations clearly and we will have to flee from it. Isn’t it true that we always know when something is a temptation? God’s word and Holy Spirit help us see it immediately. That is why we need to take the opposite direction and flee from it.

Remembers brothers and sisters who Jesus has made you: OVERCOMERS. Hold onto that position in Jesus you have. You have to be the last man standing when faced with any temptation. Temptations are not to rule over us but rather we overcome them. Dont give up , dont give up, the victory is yours if you hold onto it. Let this song encourage you and remind you about the position you have because of Jesus. You are an OVERCOMER.Let us overcome.

If you want to see the change in your life, you are the one to get up, take up God’s word and by faith bring that change. Its unwise to be waiting for someone else to come and rescue you from the situation when you yourself are going to be unwilling to help yourself.

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