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You think its about some set of prayers put together in a certain sequence that heals the person who is sick ? After this video you may have to think again. The answer is simply in faith in Jesus who has healed by His stripes. Its so simple. Pete Cabrera Jr also emphasizes why discipleship is so important in Christianity. Check it out and pick out some helpful equipping points for yourself. Be blessed!

The moment you bow down to fear your mind will kick in and play along and create scenarios that don’t even exist or would never happen. Haven’t you ever caught yourself with some imagination that you later wondered “why in the world would i ever think that”. Well that could just be your mind creating a scenario for you because you tapped into a fleshly mindset.For example say you have been worrying about your marriage lately, your mind would kick in and you would find yourself making presumptions of what your spouse in not thinking or is not going to do. The question is what kind of a mindset are you tapping into when that happens? Is it the mindset of who you are in Christ or a mindset which doesn’t know what being in Christ means? This helpful talk by brother Pete Cabrera Jr will greatly equip you to understand this well and will surely shed light into the situations taking place in your life lately.

When we comes to healing we focus so much on the results that we forget who we are in Christ. It is not about what you are producing but about walking in who you are. You have to walk in 100% of who you are in Christ to be able to see 100% results, friends. Instead of praying that you are able to see results why not pray you are able to steward everything you walk in.

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