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We Christ followers can be victorious in every situation simply because Christ Jesus has overcome this world. This means no matter what the situation is we now have a perspective to live from because Jesus made that possible. Let us imagine if Jesus had not come or if God had not initiated the promise of sending His Son ever since the fall of Adam happened. We would never have had the knowledge of God’s desire to restore us back to Himself. We would have also never had a bigger view which far exceeds above the present circumstances we find ourselves in. Now because Jesus came we have this bigger perspective and fullness of hope that that present situation is not the Lord over our lives and we press on for the faith of the gospel knowing that we are one with God always. The bible says that the faith is our victory in this life. Therefore, we have no worry or need to be anxious. We have His peace that passes all understanding when our minds are continually stayed on Him. His faithfulness towards us is our lifeline. Such a good God never left us to ourselves when fall of Adam took place and did not change His mind due to man’s continual unfaithfulness and disobedience. He kept displaying His goodness that is able to move our hearts to repent and turn to Him. Is it not also a victory that we are now one with God in the spirit? Is it not a victory that Jesus’ blood speaks better things on our behalf although the enemy brings legitimate accusations against us? Is it not a victory that we now have no dominion of sin over us and have been freed from sin? Beloved friend, you are above your present situations in life , you are victorious in Christ. We encourage you to draw close to Spirit of counsel and let Him lead you on what victory looks like for you where you find yourself. Nobody can give you that secret place of communion with Holy Spirit, it is something a believer individually has to step into.We encourage you today with this video,a sermon preached by Dr. Vincent G. Artese titled “Be Strong and of Good Courage” :

Temptations present themselves in all forms, but when they come we are not analyze them , entertain them or even go half way to see what they really are and where they will lead to. By default they are designed to be pleasurable and will take our eyes off of God. No matter where we find ourselves at, the moment we see the truth , we will see the temptations clearly and we will have to flee from it. Isn’t it true that we always know when something is a temptation? God’s word and Holy Spirit help us see it immediately. That is why we need to take the opposite direction and flee from it.

Remembers brothers and sisters who Jesus has made you: OVERCOMERS. Hold onto that position in Jesus you have. You have to be the last man standing when faced with any temptation. Temptations are not to rule over us but rather we overcome them. Dont give up , dont give up, the victory is yours if you hold onto it. Let this song encourage you and remind you about the position you have because of Jesus. You are an OVERCOMER.Let us overcome.

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