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Dear friend in Jesus, God bless you! If you have been born again this post is for you to deepen your union with God. We have now become one with God because of Jesus. Jesus has always been one with Father God and died to rise again so that He could give us what He has with God. What a privilege! Now we are back to the state of being what we were always made to have with God. The question is how well do we actually see this! Because our recognition of oneness with God will absolutely change the way we do life here on earth.

Oneness with God will cause us to always stay connected to His heart and thoughts of His mind
Oneness with God will cause us to always minister to Him every moment of our lives
Oneness with God will make us aware of how to conduct our lives according to divine order
Oneness with God will cause our feet to never step into sins we used to find ourselves in
Oneness with God will make us more sensitive to the spiritual aspects of our lives in Him
Oneness with God empowers us to walk in power of God with power to subdue and have dominion over works of His hands
Oneness with God propels us forward into our predestined destinies in Him causing us to do all the good works
Oneness with God cause us to be like Him to people
Oneness with God will cause us to die to our old man selves and embrace our true selves one with Him
Oneness with God cause us to exercise our spiritual senses

To encourage you in your union with God here is a teaching by Curry Blake:

Fall of man didn’t affect who God is. He throughout history kept prophesying what He wanted and wants earth to be like to be filled with His glory, to be filled with His will done. What can stop such a God who will always find a way no matter what happens? Such a God has now assured that we born again of His Spirit can be filled with His fullness. What a joy! What good news! Truly this ought to be declared boldly from the rooftops. Enjoy the song by elevation worship and be blessed!

This is a phenomenal truth filled message Christians need to get. If we as a lifestyle learn to live by the who we in the spirit one with His Spirit, problems will start to look like opportunities to bring glory to God. The amazing aspect of this truth is: we were made to do this and we are nothing but this. Every other behavior pattern or tensions you may be feeling is really not your real you. That’s a relief!

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