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Its easy to quit and give up on things you started with God because you didn’t see what God showed you in the beginning. But God wants to make an overcomer out of you. When will you yield to that work He is doing in you? Watch this inspirational video on how Christians are called to run the race and fight the good fight of faith. Be blessed!

The Narrow Road is what Jesus told us to walk on. Matthew 7:13-14 says that narrow road is straight and will bring life to those taking it. The wide road leads to destruction because when one is on it anything and everything is allowed and justified by him or her contrary to what God’s precepts and commandments are. The wide road is not wide in the beginning, for a child of God who is on a narrow road any loss of focus of God will slowly divert him or her away little by little. And soon what once was narrow becomes a wide path. That is the reason Jesus said “Follow me“. He also said “if you love Me you will keep my commandments“.

Yes its not a easy way to be on the narrow road but its simple. Luke 13:24 says strive and make every effort to enter in that narrow road. Please ponder upon the journey with God you are taking. Are you on a narrow road or wide road?

Jesus is right there for you because He wants to lead you. Follow His voice sincerely. Return to your first love dear brother and sister.

When we continue to see the way our Abba Father in Heaven sees, walking by faith becomes easy. You may be seeing a hopeless situation but your God sees miracles, providence and joy for you. You may see yourself as a failure but He sees you victorious in Christ. Be blessed by this song as it reminds you more and more of how our God sees.

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