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We are thinking beings made in the image of God, but we have not been made to have negative thought patterns and associations and to have constancy in negativity. Our minds were made to have the mind of Christ to rule our brains which on turn control every other function in our bodies. In this video Dr. Caroline Leaf explains and proves how the whole system of mind to brain to body function works. The good news she presents is we have become a product of our wrong decisions and thought patterns but that is changeable because that is not who we are in God. After this video you will realize how the word of God is our lifeline and what importance it actually has. If we simply follow the word of God and the leading of the Holy Spirit we will find ourselves prospering in all things, where our soul prospers along with our heart and all our ways are established. Do you not want that ?

Often teachers of the word of God have used something like a Venn diagram to explain how the interplay between spirit, soul and body takes place and where the heart really is. But the truth of how they all are connected is very different from that. Watch brother Curry Blake explain this so clearly and in great detail. This truth is key as it will give the way to operate in the spirit and by the Spirit. Enjoy!

Jesus spoke about the Kingdom of God the most in all that He spoke about. When we get hold of what the Kingdom of God really is it will humble us in a snap cause we will begin to see things differently, cry differently, hurt differently as we will begin to see the people and their hearts.You start seeing things with compassion the way Jesus walked.

Everything we see outside the word of God and what God says is all a lie. Kingdom of God is what you have been created to be. You need to process that and understand the glorious reality about the Kingdom of God. Check out this short video by brother Pete Cabrera Jr who explains this reality of the Kingdom so well.

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