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What if when we looked at the people we disliked or avoided or even held bitterness in our hearts, as our brothers or sisters or father or mothers ? We once used to be the enemies of God but the moment Jesus Christ got resurrected from the dead He referred to His disciples as His brothers. Thats the love of Jesus for us. Even though the disciples betrayed Him and left Him alone to face what He did He came back calling them brothers. When we have known such great love for us by Christ why then do we hold ourselves from treating every other person we dislike as brother. There should not be any favoritism in the love towards own brother and some other guy walking by. When we begin to see every person according to what they are in the Spirit we won’t view them according to flesh, which is what we are indeed commanded to do. So be blessed by this song that conveys the message of love, forgiveness and acceptance so clearly.

This is a song straight from our Beloved Heavenly Father’s heart, go ahead listen to the words He is speaking to you. Perhaps its time for you to realize you are His beloved.

Everyone of us is desperately in need of love, that’s how we were born. But not how we were created , we were created to BE LOVE. This message will make you see human relationships with a completely different lens.
Think talking about love is a flippant thing ? I am sorry but if you don’t see love clearly you will NEVER live this life on earth with fulfillment. It will always haunt you that you dint live to love.

Dan Mohler in this sermon helps us see clearly what exactly happened after Mary saw Jesus and when Jesus appeared to the ones He called His brothers. Hear this out it will change your entire mindset and life !

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