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You are my joy, You are my song,You are the well, the One I’m drawing from
You are my refuge, my whole life long where else would I go
Surely my God is the strength of my soul, Your love defends me, Your love defends me
And when I feel like I’m all alone, Your love defends me, Your love defends me
Day after day, night after night, I will remember, You’re with me in this fight
Although the battle, it rages on the war is already won I know the war is already won
We sing Hallelujah You’re my portion

Reckless love in this context means the extreme extent God went to through the sacrifice of His Son to bring back His sons that were lost due to the fall. Reckless love will never give up because it is never thinking of its own but exclusively for the one it is pursuing. There are so many of us who have sincere hearts for God but have found ourselves in circles of sin in our lives. We never realize the extreme extent of love of God for us that never ends. Such deep love can only ever melt our hearts to give our lives to Him and not take it for granted.

Cross is the ultimate expression of love which Father God displayed. For those who have lost the way or have found themselves in darkness, return to the One who gave it all for you by giving Himself. It was at this Cross where Jesus died that mercy and truth met together;righteousness and peace kissed each other(Psalms 85:10). Through this Cross He has established forever that He loves us and will not give up on us. So just turn back to Him and give yourselves to Him. Only IN your Maker will you see who you are!

Enjoy this worship song!

Worshiping God is like finding life giving streams of water in the middle of dry land. Enjoy this beautiful song full of joy and sing it with all of your heart to the Most Amazing Father in Heaven.

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