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Dear friends, when you start praying the word of God you will never be outside His will and heart. It is a sure shot way to always live a lifestyle of stepping into answered prayers for anything in life. But deeper than that it is a way of communing with Him alone, to know Him and understand who He is. It is a way to relate to Him and Him relating to you that is just unique to Him and you alone. When you step into that place of letting His word do what it wants to and receive it, deeper revelations of who He is will overtake you so much so that you will not want to step out of that place with Him. We Christians have a problem of not abiding in Him that is why find ourselves in places we should not be. But have you ever thought that we can be so lost in communion with Him, yes as our daily lives are going on, yes when we are bombarded by distractions that demand our focus and attention, that it is difficult to even step out of that intimacy ? Give it a thought today!

This eternal life with our Father is surely more than just daily dealings of life or where our lives are going or which people or situations we deal with everyday. Every one of us who are born again are crying out with longing “Abba Daddy”. I pray that this desire within you becomes bigger than any other desire you may notice in you. Intimacy with our Father and truly knowing Him is the only key to our lives. The more we know Him the different we will live our lives. This kind of intimacy is only experienced in communing with Him and His word shows us how He thinks.Step into this intimacy with Him through praying His word.

Here is a small example in this video of what praying God’s word can look like.

Human wisdom and logiv versus truth

Human wisdom and logiv versus truth

Friends, we have all grown up in this world and till we got born again and truth from God started coming to us we were all trained by the reasoning and the wisdom of this world. We could never really know how God actually thought. That is what the fall of man costed us. Now that we are in God through and because of what Christ did, we have a brand new life and opportunity to get to know Him truly and understand how He thinks about things. Before Christ we had absolutely no way of truly knowing Him but after Christ came and showed us the Father we now know and are getting to know more. This is something we ought to thank God always for as He saves us continually through His truth by the working of the Holy Spirit.

Over the years there have been so many lies that have repeatedly presented themselves as truth and we accepted them to be truth and lived by them. These lies have established themselves as strongholds inside of us and we did not even notice it. Thankfully, we can know if what we are holding onto is really truth or not by the life it is producing. What seems right as per our logic and fleshly wisdom will always bring destruction. Thankfully we have the word of God, the truth and the Spirit of truth who exposes the darkness, the mindsets that have held us captive and we then can destroy those strongholds by the truth. The only way this is possible is when we refuse to have no part with the exposed stronghold initiated by a lie and we drop it completely. Only then can the truth we see and want to embrace fully so as to live by it, can be fully grasped. Otherwise it will be like having our feet on two boats heading different directions. Each one of us has been placed to judge for ourselves what we want to live our lives by. The moment we decide for truth it starts to lead us to life.

Ask Holy Spirit to show you truth so that you are focused on submitting to the truth, the strongholds will get exposed. Light always exposes darkness. Therefore focus on the light. Focus on the truth. The more you focus on the truth and begin to live by it, the lies will fall off of you. Therefore ask Him to show you the truth you need to live at this point of your life.


Dear friends, you know you can be having a neighbor and observe them daily from your house and know a lot about him or her, isn’t ? But till the time you actually go and make a contact with that neighbor you cannot really say you “know” your neighbor. You can say a lot about him or her or them though. It is the same way with our Heavenly Father. We can read His word, talk about Him with our brothers and sisters in Christ and even hear sermons all day long. We can only say we know about God but we cannot say we know Him. The life in Christ and living by the Spirit hinges on knowing God , having an experiential knowledge or literally living with Him knowing Him. When we know Him truly , faith is an automatic response to that. When we know Him, loving Him is automatic because we then respond to the love He has given and gives to us daily. When we know Him, loving ourselves and loving others the way He does with the destiny He has decided , will also be just as automatic. Enjoy this sermon by Dan Mohler where he addresses the real key to becoming love is knowing who our Father is .

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