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The world we live in has one trait that is characteristic about it and that is change. Governments rise and fall, markets boom and burst, wealth keeps exchanging hands faster than one can spell wealth, situations we find ourselves in can be quite volatile and lastly people we have in our lives can changes their minds at any time. These are the consequences of a fallen world that once lost its flow it was created for mainly because man lost that connection with God. But because of Jesus and His work through the Cross we now have been ushered into a Kingdom that is very contrasting to this world we live in. Only the ones who are born again by The Spirit can even experience this Kingdom. The characteristic of the Kingdom however is that it is unshakeable. This is the gift of Jesus. The main question this post wants to leave to the reader is that if such a Kingdom is unshakeable then how should the citizen of such a Kingdom be? As a christian we cannot reflect the variability of the world we live in but rather reflect the unshakeability of the Kingdom we are part of.

Here is a blast from the past worship song by Hillsong that you can enjoy as you ponder upon this question:

Christians are called to live by faith but strangely we are more vulnerable to the world that was given to us to dominate than the unbelievers are. If we are living without faith we are not living at all. So what makes us think we can pray without faith? The fact is, because we have been living for years in this world before we came into Christ our default reaction to situations and people has been fear. Fear is a form of control when we operate outside of the place of perfect love. But on the flip side faith is a form of surrender to the truth we now have been called to live by. There is a Kingdom we are part of, friends. It is completely different from what we have known this world to be. It operates only by faith. There is a power we have been created to flow in but the more we remain vulnerable to the world we live in, the less we will get to see the Kingdom we are part of. This Kingdom is more real than the world we see, hear, touch and experience.

Friends, be encouraged by this teaching by Pastor Dan Mohler and understand what your default now is in Christ.

The way Kingdom of God is very simple, in the seed form. We are responsible to take the seed of His word and scatter it everywhere we can so that it takes root and have the opportunity to multiply. But if we never sow we will never be able to reap. If we do not water we will never be able to reap either. Fruitfulness and multiplication is one of the key mandates of our Father. Let this teaching compilation of Dan Mohler be an invitation for you to step into unleashing who you have been made to operate as and how that looks like for you.

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