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To be brought into the place that Jesus presents from the place we find ourselves now all it takes is :belief. The question is never if its possible but rather “it is are you willing to step in ? Watch this encouraging video by brother Josh Garrels who presents belief from a different light.

Walking in faith works best when we do not switch off our faith which we do several times in the day usually. But are we not glad that God’s promises and His word once said remain forever and they go fulfill what He released them for ? If we represent Him and are made in His image we should be lacking in no place. Promises of God evoke walking in faith continuously. Walking in faith displays the legitimacy and never failing aspects of God’s word. Enjoy this beautiful song while you ponder upon that for a while.

You there warrior of Christ, you cannot afford to give up or lose heart because you haven’t seen what you have been wanting to see or because you have opposition rising against you by spiritual forces of darkness. This is not the time to give up. You must stand and keep standing your ground. If you stand long enough you will see what you want to see in the Lord according to His will. There may not be people around you encouraging you to stand but you need to encourage yourself in the Lord and get up with His strength , might and by His Spirit. Persevere warrior, go for it ! Give it all! Burn for the Lord ! Pour it all out for Him and for His Kingdom! Remember you are never at loss. How can a victor who already has victory ever loose ? If he cannot put up the fight to secure his victory yes only then he has failed. But failure is not who you are friend. There is a good fight of faith you have been called to fight. A fight to overcome just as our Great Warrior Jesus Christ did. Lets look like Him. Remember you have been equipped in every way. You have the faith of Jesus in you not your own faith. You have the strength of Jesus , not your own strength. You have His life not your own life in you, His resurrection life. You have His word and promises to stand on which are yes and amen. You have His identity, His name, His power, His authority, His dominion . What have you not got because of Jesus ? So GET UP AND STAND FRIEND.

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