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It was prophesied by many sons of God back in 1940-50s that a revival would start in South Africa would even sweep the entire continent of Africa. Here in a video by John G Lake Ministries we see a glimpse of the move of God that’s coming. Watch the direction of the revival being given by God through Reverend Curry Blake. Become part of it!

Any genuine spiritual warfare training should always take one to die to self. This teaching is the best teaching available so far on spiritual warfare and how to conduct it especially because Brother Curry Blake teaches the Body of Christ to see itself as a military organization. Check it out and be thoroughly equipped.

We worship God for who He is but we praise Him for what He has done. When we are laying hands on those who are sick we are praising Him for what He has done. Praising God is a bidirectional affair not only do we praise Him but He praises us. Oh what a joy to hear from our Heavenly Father. People often get satisfied by hearing praises from other people. But praises coming from Him is a totally different deal. Watch this teaching by brother Tomislav from JGLM share about praising God and what purpose it serves.

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