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That moment in worship when we receive His love towards us and all we want to do is respond to Him with all of us for Him. This is one of those songs for your intimate time with the Lord. Enjoy!

As opposed to the common understanding of fasting and praying to be a time to die to the self-centeredness,there is a deeper truth there that Jesus spoke about. Fasting is an intimate fellowship with God so personal and private. No one needs to know about it. It is about surrendering who we know ourselves to be and desiring so much to be one with Him in every way. In other words, its the fastest way of cleaving with God(Deuteronomy 13:4). Think about it as you listen to what fasting is really about and what it does to us from this teaching by Lisa Bevere.

We must never think that we have come to know enough about our God or that we have figured Him out. In fact the more we know Him the more longing to know Him more deepens. The bible tells us that is depth, breadth, height and width to the love of Christ. It also tells that God wants to show forth His manifold wisdom through us. These two references alone indicate to us that this God we worship who created us cannot even be explained fully as there will be more to know Him. So let us make it our top most priority to know Him as He can be known and explored.Enjoy this latest song by Kari Jobe. Be blessed!

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