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There can be Christians who go to church all their lives and there will be no difference between them and the ones who do not have Christ. Its not about going to the Church its about being THE BODY OF CHRIST, looking exactly like Him, being His hands and feet and heart. When you are His Body do you think we have the liberty to look less than Him and act our own ways especially with people. How can we preach the gospel of this good news and not look like Him ? Listen to Dan Mohler who drives home this point so rightly.

To find out the answer to this question, the question to ask first is whose voice are we listening to everyday? Are you hearing what God says about you or what the enemy keeps whispering to you? Identity is the utmost. Because if we do not know who we are how will anyone know who we are? Watch this short interview by Todd White explain to us the answer in simple form possible.

Vision in our life is important but its the direction our life must go but rather the height at which you travel. Identity is the key to transformation therefore God doesn’t deal with our behavior instead He brings our focus on our identity because when we know that we wouldn’t live that way or behave that way. That’s why we need to know what the new creation is. Gospel message is not about behavioral transformation. Listen for more truth filled mind renewing perspectives by brother Graham Cooke. Be blessed!

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