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Living godly has sweet benefits and consequences. In fact one way to know a person is indeed born again is by seeing godliness in their life. Godliness is simply the effect of Holy Spirit working in our lives. A genuinely born again and God loving person will seek after godliness. The more yielded a person is to the work of the Holy Spirit, the differences from the old self will diminish and a person will look more and more like Christ. The way a person speaks, converses, loves and conducts himself to reflect purity will absolutely change. A godly person will be temperate and self governed in all aspects. It is not achieved automatically. There is an all out effort to living godly. Dear brothers and sisters be encouraged to search out the scriptures concerning living godly. This is possible and Holy Spirit empowers us to live godly. Check out this teaching by Reverend Curry Blake who encourages the Body of Christ concerning godliness. You are so blessed!

The Church without the Holy Spirit is only a religious institution or a social club. The Christian without intimate relationship with Holy Spirit is not really accessing what he has been given and instead missing out on everything. Holy Spirit is the One who reveals who Jesus is so without interacting with Him one cannot even know Jesus experientially. That is a serious matter because what is a christian with the Christ? The Holy Spirit yearns a deep intimate relationship with Him but how much do you crave for it ? You are encouraged to hear this sermon by John Bevere who shares what is available to us with the Holy Spirit.

There is call to arms for the people of God. We need to grab hold of who we are as spiritual people one with Jesus. We do not have any rights, but we think that. We were never made for us and for us to hold onto our rights. We were made for His glory and His will here on earth. The world does not need us, it needs Jesus. It needs us to be one with Him. But if we give them us without Him then there is no difference between those who do not have Him and those who do. Our self willed attitudes and complacency must go. We must die to ourselves in order to be loyal to Holy Spirit and what He wants to do through us. There is nothing much He can do if we always come in to quench His work, no matter how much we say we want it, we must want it. Friends, we cannot have any compromise in our life, not even in the tiniest of details of our lives. We would only sever and violate our consciences and take ourselves far far away from Holy Spirit. He always calls us back to Him. If you are in such a place right now, just take up that invitation to accept His work in you and LET Him have His way.You do not have to work your way upto Him. Just come to Him instantly, He is in you if you have indeed been born again. Check out this encouraging and sobering video which is short snippet from one of the sermons by David Hogan which will help our souls.

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